The Process

  1. You call us
  2. and we are like "Whazzzup, what can we help you with"
  3. And you are like "We need some invitations (or other stationery product), man"
  4. And then I am like "I am not a man, but ok. You have come to the right place... let's talk about the type of invites  (or other stationery product) you want, your style, the colors you love, the things that make you happy... and so on"
  5. Then I will send you a quote. And you say "Yes, this is GREAT!!! What reasonable pricing for such high quality work. I am soooo excited" (I am excited too, by the way... because I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!)
  6. Then we start putting the inivtation design together based on our conversations. I am always happy to include zee clients in this process. Or not. I can just appear with the perfect design for you on my own. Whatever works.
  7. Oh wait! I forgot the deposit part.
    5-B. You provide us with a deposit. Theeeeeeeeeennnn we start working on the invitation.
  8. You approve the design. We both quadruple check all the info, spelling, etc.
  9. THE MAGIC BEGINS! Letterpress printing is truly a skilled craft. It's not as simple as rolling the ink on the plates and pressing the plate into paper. Many factors some into play. How much ink is on the disk, how the ink is hitting the rollers, how the rollers are hitting the plate, the depth of impressions. It is definitely a slow (and when I say slow, I mean it in the the cool, trendy way. Think: "slow food") But it is definitely amazing and if you are local and interested, we are always happy to share the craft with you. So if you want to see the goods getting printing, we can try to arrange something.
  10. You hand over the rest of the dough.
  11. I hand over the goods.


Slight revision on #2 (I can hear my mother in my ear)

WITH WHAT can we help you?