There is something about letterpress that is so delicious. Making you want to sink your teeth into it, or bathe in it... or at least get your hands on it...

Letterpress + Handmade Passion

When you touch something that has been printed on letterpress, you know it is different. It has texture. You can feel that it takes a lot of skill, patience and craftsmanship to create the final product.  Letterpress is one of the oldest methods of printing (pre apple-utionary) where ink is applied to a raised surface and then pressed onto paper, leaving an impression you can see and feel. (kinda like a rubber stamp, but instead of a little piece of wood and rubber,  think 2000 pounds of cast iron)

Nowadays, it is a fascinating combination of the old and new. 21st century technology is used to design and create the plates ... while the press itself was built over a hundred years ago and the process is even older than that. Each piece is hand fed, one by one into a moving mass of cast iron. There are so many details that go into making letterpress look great. How much ink gets on the rollers, how the ink hits the plate, the level of impression on the paper and so on, and so on.

Style & Quality

It truly is a skilled craft that takes patience and passion to get it right. We like to think we do a great job at that. We, at Paper Bash Designs are very passionate about the art of letterpress and are obsessed with providing the best service and highest quality product.

As an event planner, I understood how a well designed invitation could prepare guests for a great time to be had. It sets the tone for the event. In fact, I understood it so well, I found myself getting more and more involved in the design process. That is when I discovered the beauty of letterpress printing.  Luckily I married a mechanical engineer who also had an appreciation for heavy iron machinery... and so became Paper Bash.





About me

I am an event planner turned paper junkie.

When I met letterpress, we ran off together. My husband didn't mind

I believe that good design can make your soul dance.

I believe that gathering and celebrating with our friends is what makes us human... and beautiful

If I won the lottery, I would sail around the world with my family

One day I would like to write a book, but for now I am just writing to do lists (and working on my craft)